Mike Doyle.

My working life began as an accountant while I partially completed the Registered Industrial Accountant (RIA) program in the late '60s.  That course morphed into the current CMA program.  For several years I worked as an Accountant, Controller, and CFO in various industries like retail, construction, IT and manufacturing.  In the early 80s I started my own small accounting practice in the village of Clayton 70 kms west of Ottawa.  During the quieter times outside of the tax season, I began writing custom software that either stood alone or augmented off-the-shelf accounting packages.  The software was developed using various environments, including dBase, Foxpro and Clipper.  By 1989 my accounting practice was completing up wards of 300 tax returns and had two part time employees.  Because of the demands of the IT world, the decision was made to sell the accounting part of my business. 

The IT side of my working life has gone by the wayside and I am no longer working in that field.  I restarted my Tax and Accounting business in 2002. 

In February of 2009, because of increased business volume, Shelley Munro joined me to better service our tax and accounting clients. 

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